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Fat Paw Design is my working presence and R&D lab on the World Wide Web.

“It's not a case of not wanting to. It's a case of wanting to and not doing it.”
Sergeant Angua von Überwald, Ankh–Morpork City Watch

news as of August 7th, 2009

The hottest girl ever!

news as of May 25th, 2009

Memorial Day

Today is a reminder that no matter what your politics are, the freedom I have to write this column and your freedom to read it is guaranteed by members of the United States Armed Forces. Special thanks to those who have served, are serving, or will be serving.


This is a personal website with content and function customized for my own use. While you may find it irrelevant, it is not to me. Opinions are just that, opinions. Examine context as well as content. For use only by qualified personnel. Content is for informational purposes only, and should not be construed as recommendations, endorsements, specifications, or the existence of any relationships, casual or otherwise. This information is given in good faith but without warranty, expressed or implied. It does not release the viewer/user from the obligation to evaluate data or concepts as to their suitability for intended purposes and uses. The application and use of this information is entirely beyond my control, and therefore, entirely the user's responsibility. All artwork, names, and logos are the property, trademark, or copyright of their respective owners.


Originally my personal makers mark, Fat Paw Design tags my creative work on the World Wide Web. Read more about Fat Paw Design.


I have one project going on at this time.
  1. Laughing Earth Farm home renovation (sorely out–of–date dead link).
and three finished projects,
  1. Bildas Friess Lake Pub website, a restaurant in Hubertus / Richfield, WI.
  2. Wegner's Cedar Lake Inn website, a restaurant in Hartford / Slinger / West Bend, WI.
  3. White House In West Bend exhibit website (archived, site is no longer active).


So, what's the difference between sources, resources, and references? That's like, Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana. Here's my list of texts and websites I frequent for technical and design information.


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This cat is 'Fiona'

'Fiona' n-female, b. 1989 is the second of our long line of cats. She was gifted to us by my sister-in-law, along with 50,000 fleas; hence her nickname, 'Fleezle' or 'Fleezee'. A consumate hunter, I actually saw 'Fiona' take a dive-bombing barn swallow out of mid-air. Now 17-years old, she's deaf as a post and sleeps so hard, we're never sure she's still with us. On the other hand, her eye-sight is keen and still has a nose for soft food. Oddly, 'Fiona' has been taken under the wing of our alpha tom, 'Fergus', who will follow her around the house when she's looking wobbley, and will doze near her to guard her space. Armament: the original 'turtle-necked' Houdini cat, which makes her impossible to bag or scruff.